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About Elena Adams Designs

About the Designer and the Jewelry:
My first memory of making jewelry was when I was around 11. A relative had sent me and my sister a large kit for making beaded jewelry. It had lots of glass beads and elastic for bracelets, but what I loved the most was the tiny, silver, clip-on earrings. Since only about four pairs came in the pack, we had to share, and I quickly figured out that I could just make a large amount of beaded dangles and switch out the ear clips whenever I wanted to wear something new.

When I was in high school, some friends talked me into going to an after-class silver jewelry workshop. I had resisted for some time, but when I finally went I was taught to cut and link silver rings into a double helix bracelet. I was hooked.

Jewelry became a minor hobby for the next few years, but when my husband and I moved to California it became an outlet for me while I was searching for work and he was at school all day (he’s currently finishing a PhD at Stanford). With necklaces and bracelets piling up, it made perfect sense to try selling online.

I have now been making jewelry for nearly ten years. During that time, I’ve taken classes from some of the best metal and chain teachers in the Bay Area, built a website and blog to showcase my work, and I get just as thrilled about designing as the day I started.

Elena Adams
About the Jewelry:
I love the look of chain and the amazing patterns that can be produced from nothing but simple rings of metal. I almost exclusively use sterling silver and all pieces are handmade. Over the years I’ve also developed a love of fine and semi-precious gemstones, preferring natural and untreated minerals.

I strive to maintain the beauty of classic chain maille, while updating it to suit the more refined tastes of the modern woman. The intricacy of the projects and my obsession with using delicate and often, tiny rings means that much of the jewelry you see here has taken hours to create.

What is sterling silver? Sterling silver is defined as being 92.5% pure silver. The rest is usually comprised of nickel, copper, or some other alloy. Sterling is strong and long lasting, and while it tarnishes with wear and air impurities is can be polished up at any stage to return it to its former glory. Sterling silver is not to be confused with plated, German, or nickel silvers which contain no silver. Once they tarnish or their plating wears off, there is no way to brighten them again.

Custom Design Services
Since every piece of jewelry is handmade by me, you have the ability to customize your jewelry to suit you perfectly. Most pieces can be modified according to your tastes, or consider having something made uniquely for you. Find out more about custom design work.

Other Information
All jewelry is modeled by Laura Loveard, a makeup artist based in Sydney. For all jewelry that includes gemstones you will find a short description of the stones and their metaphysical properties. All descriptions are adapted from Judy Halls "The Crystal Bible" (2003).

All jewelry receives a one year warranty against damage through normal wear. Jewelry may be exchanged or modified within 60 days of purchase. Custom sales are final. Find out how to order, and find shipping and return guidelines.