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Sterling Silver Egyptian Charm Bracelet
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Sterling Silver Egyptian Charm Bracelet

Capture the power of Egyptian symbols with these sterling silver charms hanging from a simple sterling silver chain.

1" heavy 3D Siamese Cat,
1/2"x1/2" double sided Eye of Horus,
3/4"x1/2" one sided Isis,
3/4" one sided Ankh

Cats were revered and worshipped in Ancient Egypt, first domesticated around 4000 years ago. Many of the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses could take on cat form.
The Eye of Horus is as ancient symbol of the old Egyptian religion, encompassing the six senses of touch, taste, smell, thought, hearing and sight. It represents the right eye of the falcon-shaped sun God, Horus or Ra. It was believed to have great healing powers.
Isis is the Egyptian Goddess of day, death and funeral rites. She is the mother of Horus and was considered the protector of the pharaohs.
The Ankh is the key of life, that unlocks the mysteries of rebirth and represents both physical and eternal life. It is considered the original cross by many scholars, upon which the Christian symbol was modeled.

Original design. Very limited availability.

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