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Sterling Silver Azurite Slave Earrings

Sterling Silver Azurite Slave Earrings

Blue and green should always be seen! Azurite is an ancient stone, sacred to the Egytians, and used as a pigment to create blues in Medieval paints and eye shadows. Here it hangs in delicate clusters from a sterling silver slave earring. A non-piercing ear cuff clasps gently to the edge of either ear for a bewitching finish.

Azurite assists with meditation and helps create a positive outlook. Azurite has been used for centuries as a pigment. Often mislabelled as lapis lazuli, Azurite is the same mineral as malachite. It is naturally a deep blue, and the green is caused by surface weathering of the mineral into malachite. As such, this is a stone of change, and over long periods of use and exposure it will start to present more malachite. Be sure to store this delicate stone away from wet surfaces and hot windowsills.

Original design. Very limited availability.


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