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Sterling Silver Hamsa Hand and Lapis Lazuli Slave Earrings.

Sterling Silver Hamsa Hand and Lapis Lazuli Slave Earrings

Lapis Lazuli is perfect for fall fashion. The unique patterns and glints of gold add texture and interest to any outfit. 6mm lapis lazuli is wrapped, herringbone-style, into a slave earring, and finished with a sterling silver Hamsa Hand. A non-piercing ear cuff clasps gently to the edge of either ear for a bewitching finish.

Commonly referred to simply as "lapis", Lapis Lazuli releases tension, asserting balance and wisdom. It is a strong protective stone and promotes fertility. It is important in Buddhism, and is associated with great spirituality.

A Hamsa Hand, or "The Hand of Fatima", is an ancient symbol said to ward against evil. They are still very common in Arabic and Jewish jewelry and decoration

Original design. Only one available.


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