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Sterling Silver and Ruby Hoop Earrings
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Sterling Silver and Ruby Hoop Earrings

Sterling silver 2" hoops, filled with a shimmering web of silver chains, and splashed with luscious dyed rubies.

The majority of ruby beads are dyed. Ruby is actually just the red form of the mineral that makes sapphires. Pure red ruby is quite rare, so milky or pink sapphires are dyed red. The rubies in these earrings are some of the best I've seen. While most dyed rubies are totally opaque, these are clear enough to allow a significant amount of light through, and are simply dazzling.

Ruby is wonderful for energy, and stimulates and balances the heart. It also acts as a powerful protector against psychic attack, and aids in retaining wealth and passion.

Original design. Only 1 pair available.


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