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Garnet has been used since the Bronze age as a gemstone and an abrasive. While measuring only 6.5-7.5 on Moh's scale, it can be used to cut steel when pumped with very high-pressure water.

There are many different varieties of garnet, the most common being the dark red which usually comes to mind when garnet is mentioned. Some of the mineral variations or garnet include grossular garnet (or grossularite), rhodonite, almandine, hessonite, and spessatite (or spessartine). These varieties come in all shades from rich reds and pinks, igneous blacks, and all shades of green and brown.

Garnet is a very energizing stone which cleanses the chakras, bringing passion or serenity as needed. It inspires love and balances the sex drive, and is an excellent stone for times of crisis. Garnet is also protective when worn traveling, and opens the heart and makes the wearer more confident.

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