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pronounced: turk-oiz

Turquoise come in many colors an finishes, ranging from sky-blue to dark green. The majority of turquoise, particularly large nuggets and the green variety, is reconstituted. Lower grade turquoise is crumbled or ground down, and reformed into shapes with better consistency and texture. Since turquoise is vary porous, most of it is color-stabilized to enhance its tone. Untreated, high quality turquoise is vary rare, and very hard to find.

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, the other most commonly seen variety of turquoise, is defined by an even sky-blue coloring, glossy finish, and no matrix or discoloration. Sleeping beauty turquoise come from a single mine in Sleeping Beauty Mountain in Globe, Arizona. It is generally a lot pricier than other turquoises, but is still often color-enhanced or treated in some way.

Turquoise is an excellent healer, which provides solace for the spirit and well-being for the body. It is highly protective, and has been used since very ancient times. It was traditionally said to change color as a sign of infidelity. It can enhance intuition and meditation when placed on the third eye, and is effective in purifying. Turquoise is also useful for exhaustion, depression and panic attacks.

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