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Creative Ways to Store Your Jewelry

The art of storing jewelry, so that it is protected and visually attractive, can quickly become an expensive pursuit. Unless you have a budget that allows the purchase of jewelry chests, that can be a little daunting. Here are some cheap and creative ways of storing your necklaces, bracelets and earrings.
Store Earrings on a Bud Vase

The prettiest and simplest way to store hook earrings is to hang them from the rim of a glass or vase. A bud vase or martini glass can add a touch of 1930's charm to your dresser and protect delicate earrings against tangling and kinking. Dress it up by dropping a handful of stones or glass pebbles in the bottom of the glass. This will also add some weight and make it less likely to tip as you're searching for your favorite pair. If you're looking for something a little more elaborate, check out candle holders at places like Target. I found a perfect set that held a large votive in the center, and was decorated with fine, branch-like metal strands. There were enough forks and crisscrosses in the metal that gave plenty of footholds for earrings.

Hoops and studs present a further challenge. Take a thin piece of card and cover it with fabric. With a metal skewer, carefully punch pairs of holes at different heights all over. Lean the card against a mirror or glue another piece of card on the back to act as a stand. A makeshift version of this is to carefully pull off the covers of a ring-bound, plastic-covered sketch book. It already has holes! You can still add fabric, re-piercing the holes, or find a book that's a solid color on the inside. Try covering pieces of foam for a plush, pillowed look as well.

The majority of necklaces do better when hanging: this stops them tangling with themselves and each other, it avoids fine chains and wires developing kinks and misshapen neck lines, and it makes it much to find what you're looking for. Remember that anything on silk, thread or necklace designs that risk stretching out over time, are best stored flat, either in zip lock bags with the clasps pinched in the top to keep them manageable, or carefully separated in a jewelry or tackle box.

Necklaces can be hung from virtually anything. A straight, suspended bar works best. If your wardrobe or dressing room has racks, necklaces can be clasped around the wrung. Don't use towel racks in the bathroom, as the humidity can speed up tarnishing in silver and damage any threads and fabrics. Stores like Bed, Bath & Beyond often sell cheap hand-towel holders that are perfect for necklaces. Some even have three to four movable spokes that point directly outwards: this makes more room for hanging your jewels and creates easy access to them. If you're into doing some heavy decorating, an old wooden ladder, painted to match you decor, provides a ton of storage space for necklaces and bracelets, while lending a touch of vintage allure.

Bracelets can be stored in similar way to necklaces. The only advantage is that they probably don't need to hang, unless they comprise of multiple strands of fine chain that will tangle with others. In addition to the necklace methods, a wine glass standing upright or gently tipped on its side works really well. Bracelets can be clasped around the stem, and as long as the base of the glass is wide enough, they won't slide off when the glass is moved.

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