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There are so many websites offering jewelry and supplies it can be hard to tell what's a good deal and good quality. As much as I love my own range of jewelry, I can't offer everything under the sun, and my styles don't necessarily suit everyone's taste. Here I offer a few suggestions as to other websites that carry complementing designs. I have worked with many of the artists listed here and highly recommend all the work presented.

Crazy 4 Clip Ons offers the most amazing designs in earrings. It can be impossible to find clip on earrings that don't look like something out of your grandmother's dresser. When designer, Barbara Young realized how hard it was for parents to find fun earrings for little girls without requiring piercing, she jumped on the challenge. Barbara has a unique flair for earring design and often uses her teenage daughters' sense of style as inspiration. You won't be disappointed at the huge range of small, medium and large earrings. Regular pierced hooks are available for most pairs.

Inspired by Stones - Design Instruction by Karey Grant
Karey Grant is a great friend of mine who was originally my manager when I started working in the beading industry. She taught me a lot about wire work and the importance of good structure in jewelry designs to make lasting pieces. Karey has always been inspired by natural gemstones and colors, and her work is always easy to pick as "a Karey design". On her web site she talks a lot about using color palettes and unusual sources for ideas. At her web site she offers downloadable instructional handouts for a wide range of techniques, as well as information on her classes.

I first met Crickette Brown Glad through The Bead Shop in Palo Alto. I photographed some of her work while she was having her web site developed. Recently returned from her New York promotion tour, Crickette never creates the same piece of jewelry twice, so everything you see is one of a kind. She loves searching for unique beads and embellishments like eye-popping glass in candy colors, and carved coral creations. See her web site, Between The Cleavage.

I once took a class on intricately wire-wrapped jewelry to encase "hole-less" stones. While I think the results are stunning, I simply don't have the patience for making them. And that's saying a lot coming from a chain maille artist! It must be a labor of love for Bev Ludlow. Based in Northern California, her work is exquisite and very well priced for the quality that is so evident in jewelry like her unique pendants and rings. See her collection at www.wirewrapjeweler.com.

If you're interested in more traditional chainmaille, such as armor, plus plate, swords and more The Castle Court has a wonderful range. I have always been fascinated by Japanese Katanas. Traditionally they were made by heating and hammering steel down into the finest sheets, folded, then hammered again. This produces an incredibly hard and sharp edge. If you're into armor of all kinds, this website is definitely worth looking into.

Frances Manfrey has a background in Vedic medicine and psychology. She makes the tiniest, most refined jewelry I have ever seen and her Indian influence is always apparent. Frances sells her work around the San Francisco Bay Area at a number of boutiques and offers custom design. Her blog is an interesting collection of posts discussing the design process and can be viewed here.

Joya Joya Jewelry is a collection of gorgeous light reflecting crystal glass jewelry, hand made in Argentina. Their website is very well put together and includes a real-time currency converter for extra ease of use. I simply love their rings!

This has to be my favorite tool ever. When I was working as the Web Manager at The Bead Shop, part of my job involved naming jewelry that we sold on the web site After the first few it can get pretty tedious to come up with enticing new words to describe very similar designs. The Name That Color tool is amazing. Using a combination of classic, pantone, and purely create descriptions, this site lets you move around a color wheel and saturation slider providing names, RGB and HEX codes. It's a designer's best friend.

Sacred Earth Jewelry

A lover of earth's natural gemstones, Michele's artisan jewelry is a celebration of silver and stone. Based in the Northern Californian wine country, her work focuses on gems like turquoise, lapis lazuli and coral. See the Sacred Earth Jewelry here.

On a very different note, Terri Manus is an online psychic who offers online workshops for those looking to develop their skills. She offers articles and downloadable instructions as well as a free weekly newsletter. My mother has always been very psychic, and while I didn't get very much of her skill beyond dream interpretation and instinct, I've always been fascinated by the craft. I know there are a lot of fakes out there, or people who truly believe they have a gift but seem to be deluding themselves so it can be hard to tell what's what. Terri seems to be very dedicated in sharing her gift and helping people, so she's certainly worth taking a look at.

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