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Elena Adams Designs Newsletter - May 31st, 2008

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Thank you for signing up for updates from Elena Adams Designs! I'll be sending you emails regarding upcoming events, new jewelry and competitions.

With the overwhelmingly positive response to last month's raffle, I decided it was a great opportunity to start building an opt-in email list and begin really getting to know everyone who participates in the website. You're a fantastically diverse group of people, ranging from jewelry lovers, to jewelry designers and artists of all kinds. As such, I hope I can provide something for everyone in this newsletter: a little ooh and aah, as well as a little design thought and instruction.

If you'd like to see something in a future newsletter release, or have any questions about Elena Adams Designs, feel free to email me any time at elena@elena-adams.com
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Elena Adams Designs
Berkeley World Music Festival
June 7th, People's Park.
Sterling Silver Slave Earrings at the Berkeley World Music Festival
Come check out my booth at the Berkeley World Music Festival, June 7th at the People's Park just east of Telegraph Avenue. I'll be there in full force with a selection of classic jewelry as well as many hot, new designs. You'll find a great range of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, slave earrings and body jewelry as well as a collection of wearable art.

I'll also be giving free demos on making chain maille throughout the day. Get a taste of the basics, or book a private lesson if you just can't get enough chain.

As I prepare, I'll be commenting on the process in the blog.
Stanford Light Field Capture Project Featuring Elena Adams Designs Elena Adams Designs Featured in the Stanford Light Field Capture Project!

If you're of a technical bent, or are interested in camera data manipulation, you may find the project at lightfield.stanford.edu interesting.

The team, including my husband Andrew Adams, created a light field capture system for capturing scenes that can be focused and manipulated later.They chose to use some of my jewelry as samples for scenes, since they have plenty of shine and fine geometric detail to make good examples.

Check them out here. The load time is slow, since they're huge files, and you will need around 1GB of ram to effectively run them, but they're worth it, even if you can't follow the full technical stuff.
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