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Elena Adams Designs Newsletter - July 18th, 2009

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Photography by Melissa MercierThank you so very much to everyone who entered the collaborative charity project. There were so many wonderful entries and interesting, inspiring and touching stories from all!

I'm thrilled to announce that I have selected an image by Vancouver photographer Melissa Mercier.

Melissa is inspired by clean lines and minimalism, and this image was influenced by the idea of water in its dormant state. She loves capturing objects that make her viewers look at them in a new way.

Over the next few weeks I'll be tracking the progress of the charity necklace - you'll get an inside look at the design notes and project stages. Once complete, the necklace will be auctioned with proceeds going to NARSAD, The National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression. Stay tuned for auction dates to help this fantastic cause.

The pervasiveness of depression is undeniable - nearly everyone either knows someone who suffers from a mental illness like depression, or suffers themselves. With these disease affecting our society in such large numbers, isn't it time for us to tackle it on a grand scale? Surely treating it an individual basis without considering its impact on our entire society is like treading water in a strong current.

So what can you do to help? Spread the word about this event by forwarding this email or blogging. You can also make direct donations to NARSAD, which is one of the largest sources of funding for researchers in the field, by going to their website.
Follow the design process by subscribing to the blog feed at http://www.elena-adams.com/news

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Elena Adams Designs
Introducing Video Tutorials
Learn to Make Chain Maille

I'm very excited to introduce these video tutorials! Learn the basics of chain maille and start making your own jewelry. These free videos will show you how to open and close jump rings, then weave them together into patterns.

See my very first video tutorials here. More to come soon!

In the Blog

Since the last newsletter I showed off some designs in process, such as the ever-popular Antiqued Silver and Raw Garnet Necklace, and the new Framed Iolite Bracelet. I talked about painting with beads and creating jewelry based on images.

I also took a long hard look at my jewelry suppliers and talked about the benefits of choosing the perfect vendor, both for me and you. I had a short rant about Twitter advertising, and then I discussed earring lengths and how to select the right length for you.


Charity Jewelry project Part 1

Here's the first set of my notes. As you may know, I tend to design as I go, so plotting the piece out in advance is an exciting challenge for me. The first thing I've done is identified the important features of the image that I want to capture in the jewelry design. I'm still considering whether to create a full necklace, or a pendant on a chain. The pendant has the advantage of being a square canvas to replicate the shapes on, but it's too early to tell if it will do it justice. Once I have gathered some of the major components, I'll start laying them out and get a better idea of how it will work.

Design Notes on Creating a Necklace

Read Part 2

New Jewelry
Sterling Silver Framed Iolite

Sterling Silver and Iolite Bracelet

Based on my popular gem-framed earrings, this bracelet combines chain maille, wire wrapping and stringing in the most unexpected way. Gem-framed "components" are wrapped together into an elegant and ladylike bracelet to suit any jewelry lover.
See the bracelet here.

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