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The Entreprenette Gazette

June 2010
How Do You Know Your Product is Unique at The Entreprenette Gazette
#34 Let Google Do The Hard Work: You can get a great sense of your product's uniqueness by setting up Google Alerts for keywords and specific descriptions you would associate with your product.

Michelle's Artistic Corner

May 2010
Meet Jewelry Maker Elena Adams at Michelle's Artistic Corner
I think it must really shine through in your designs. They're so pretty and I think that you connect with this so deeply in some sense.

Living My MOMent

May 2010
Summer Blog Tour at Living My MOMent
Elena Adams Designs’ blog looks at at fashion and jewelry trends... She features the stories behind the designs, along with tips and free chain making tutorials.

Networking Witches

April, 2010
Elena Adams Designs Giveaway at Networking Witches
Wearing these items make you feel pretty. It’s just hard not to. The pieces themself are gorgeous. Wearing jewelry where or how you don’t normally wear makes you feel unique.

Review Guide at Coupon Dad

April, 2010
Mother's Day Gift Guide: Elena Adams Designs Jewelry at Review Guide at Coupon Dad
The picture of these earrings really does not do them justice...I love how unique her designs with the chain maille making them custom art as well as jewelry.

Jewelry Making & Beading

March, 2010
Basic Chain Maille Video Lessons at Jewelry Making & Beading
OK, this technique may not sound exciting, but it's an absolutely essential skill for maille making. Learn how to open and close jump rings correctly from the very start, and your jewelry will be super durable and professional looking.

Jewelry Making About.com

March, 2010
Elena Adams' Chain Maille Videos at About.com Jewelry Making
You can find her beautiful silver and bead chain jewelry on her web site, Elena Adams Designs, and after getting a little inspiration over there, head over to your YouTube area and view her first two jump rings videos.

The Work at Home Woman

February, 2010
When Your Hobby Becomes Your Business at The Work at Home Woman
Convincing your friends and family that you’re running a real business and not just playing shop is a serious challenge for all small business owners.

Handmade Artists Forum

Handmade Artists' Forum
Choosing a Custom Designer- March, 2010
Timeless Jewelry - March, 2010
Featured Artist - September, 2009

Confessions of a Moody Mommy!

August, 2009
Anniversary Review and Giveaway at Confessions of a Moody Mommy
"I have completely enjoyed wearing these earrings...I feel very regal and 'made of money'...The craftsmanship is top of the line and I know these earrings will last me a lifetime!!"

Fairy Blog Mother

August, 2009
Anniversary Review and Giveaway at Confessions of a Moody Mommy
"I love all the items on the website and would be overjoyed (like, with tears and stuff!) to have any of the necklaces, bracelets or the slave earrings. I've never even heard of slave earrings before I visited this site and now I want some!!"

Mommy Loves It! - Elegance for Everyday

June, 2009
Elegance for Everyday at Mommy Loves It
"Elena Adams Designs is the place to go when you need a special gift...Not only are the pieces gorgeous to give, they are also unforgettable to get! When a loved one asks you what you want this year, simply tell them "Something from Elena Adams Designs!" No matter what unique piece you receive, you'll never be disappointed!"

Mom Blog - My Life with The Crazies

May, 2009
Elena Adams Jewelry at My Life With The Crazies
"Please be sure to head over to Elena Adams Jewelry and browse! She has some amazing things on her website and I know if you love jewelry like I do you will not be able to resist her gorgeous one of a kind designs!!"

Featured Designer at It's So You

July, 2009
Featured Designer at It's So You
"Elena is inspired by designers, Stella McCartney and Louis Vuitton as well as traditional Indian jewelers..."

Holiday Gift Ideas

December, 2008
Holiday Gift Idea at Geoff White Photographers
"Besides having a great selection of earrings, necklaces & other fun stuff, she also takes custom orders. Beautiful fun sparkly gifts to wear. Enjoy!"

Thank you so much for my beautiful earings!! I love them so much, and theyre so perfect. You're WONDERFUL
- Brittanie, CA

I wanted to tell you I LOVE the 2 necklaces you made for me!!
- Christine, NY

Thanks so much for saving me with the jewellery, everyone loved it!!! :) Especially the rose quartz the one for my sister, she wore it the other night it suits her so much . I'll have to get some more stuff again, soon.
- Dijana, Sydney

I got it this weekend, I love it, thank you so much! When do you come back so I can buy some more stuff???
- Lisa, Sydney

Your designs are unmatched! This is the high quality and craftsmanship that is lacking in jewelry today, but it is alive and thriving in all your pieces!
- Monica, CA

I love my jewelry. I have worn the black earrings a lot!!!!!!!!!
- Carol, CA

The necklace is beautiful! It is so different. I`ve never seen anything like it of course, neither has anyone else.
- Connie, Brunswick Heads, Australia

It arrived today and it is oh so lovely! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it and thank you again for making such a beautiful piece.
- Amy, CA
Winning bidder of the NARSAD charity necklace

The earrings arrived and they're perfect!  Thanks again for your beautiful work.
- Cynthia, Canada


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