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Ear Chains, Ear Cuffs and Multiple-Piercing Earrings

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How to Wear Slave Earrings
Looking for something a little wilder than traditional earrings? Try ear chains! They add a little mystery, a dash of wild-child, and a whole lot of sexy. They also make great gifts for those with so many pairs of earrings they can no longer tell them apart. Available in both double-pierced, and single pierced with a top, non-piercing cuff, they'll suit anyone. Add them to any outfit to add some extra oomph!

Also known as "multiple pierced earrings", "non-piercing ear cuffs", "ear chains" or "Bajoran earrings", here you'll find sterling silver and top-quality gemstones in unique and unexpected designs. To wear, first attach the lower post to the right ear lobe. Take the long chain and extend the non-piercing ear cuff to the top of the ear, cuffing or pinning it there. Most ear cuffs can be tightened by gently squeezing.