Welcome to the site. This site aims to bring understanding to people about what witches really are and to provide information and spells for anyone interested.
If you see anything on this site that you think has breached a copyright, then simply write to me and I'll be glad to acknowledge or remove it. The picture on the cover page, which is repeated a few times throughout the site is from the cover of Doreen Valiente's An ABC of Witchcraft (copyright 1973).
One thing I would like to point out is that there are no such things as black and white, or good and evil magick. These are just anthropomorphic labels. The differences only lie in the intent of the magick. The title "White Witch" is just a guide for people looking for positive forces of magick. It is to act only as a reference, as I really object to the ideas of evil or black magick and believe they are only a figments of the imagination to give their "followers" a sense of more power. For more on this see the Beliefs page.
I am also trying to make the site more historical in nature. I have found very few sites that encompass Witchcraft as a modern craft and as an historical issue. Websites tend to focus more on one than another, if not exclusively. I will slowly be replacing most of the commonly found pictures on my site to paintings and sketches of the witchcraze from the 14th to 17th centuries. I will also start writing more in depth articles on the history of witchcraft and its relevance to modern witches, and I intend to take a controversial view. For a brief history see the History and Misconceptions pages.

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Blessed Be
Elena Adams