Designing sterling silver chain maille jewelry for over twenty years, Elena Adams Designs unites traditional techniques with fine quality materials and exquisite semiprecious gemstones, creating unique, wearable art.



Chain Maille

A portfolio selection of current and past work by Elena Adams

Rutilated Quartz and Ruby

Sterling silver double helix weave

Lodolite Quartz Planets

Sterling silver herringbone with lodolite quartz

Persian Knot

Sterling silver and 14k gold-fill in a silky smooth,  full Persian-weave loop to loop knot

Rainbow Obsidian

Sterling silver double helix weave in a triple tier.

Chain Maille Choker

Sterling silver European flat maille, secured with corset lacing

Raw Garnet

Oxidized sterling silver in a double serpent weave

Citrine Mobius

Sterling silver mobius flowers with herringbone wrapped citrine

Tunduru Sapphire

Oxidized sterling silver snake weave with three sapphire strands

Best Friends
Charity Fund Raiser

Sterling silver, iolite and smoky quartz necklace.
All proceeds to Best Friends Animal Society

Labradorite Caged Silver

Oxidized sterling silver Byzantine weave necklace, caged in wire, with labradorite pendant

Sapphire Silk Knot

Natural multicolored sapphires in a sterling silver chain cluster drop, with silk knotted
white sapphires

Fine Silver Gem Links

Hand-fused fine silver chain wrapped with delicate garnet, amethyst and Swarovski crystal

Fine Silver

Oxidized hand-fused fine silver with sterling silver and moonstone

Ioliote Framed Earrings

Sterling silver links, trapped in iolite.
Free instructional guide created in collaboration with

Gemstone Encrusted

Ioite, aquamarine, rose quartz on
sterling silver hoops

Sapphire Waterfall

Sterling silver strands with natural multicolor sapphire

Graduated Spirals

Sterling silver double helix with smoky quartz

Lemon Drop

Sterling silver, lemon topaz and grossulated garnet

Pink Sapphire Flowers

Sterling silver with pink sapphire and amethyst

Hammered Fine Silver

Hand-hammered fine silver with dyed pink rubies

Garnet Leaf

Sterling silver and garnet

Ruby Ear Cuff

Sterling silver mobius flowers with dyed ruby

Silver Leaf Jasper Cuff

Herringbone wrapped silver leaf jasper

European Maille Cuff

Sterling silver European chain maille with
smoky quartz

Citrine Ear Cuff

Sterling silver and citrine ear cuff

Labradorite Ear Cuff

Sterling Silver chain and labradorite ear cuff

Tourmaline Leaves

Sterling silver chain and leaf ear cuff with tourmaline drops

Spiked Spiral Bracelet

Oxidized sterling silver armor spirals with Swarovski crystal

Ruby in Zoisite Bracelet

Sterling Silver herringbone-wrapped ruby in zoisite bracelet

Fine Silver Box Bracelet

Sterling silver box weave bracelet with handmade fine silver links

Persian Flower Bracelet

Sterling silver half Persian weave bracelet
with jade

Iolite Framed Bracelet

Sterling Silver hand made chain and iolite

Garnet Chain Bracelet

Sterling silver and garnet

Hand Fused Fine Silver

Oxidized, hand-fused fine silver with
hematite large-link "chain"

European Cuff

Sterling Silver European weave cuff bracelet with raw garnet

Persian Azurite

Sterling silver full Persian chain maille with azurite

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